The Jiffy Bocado has become the truck of choice for the fast food industry in the UK It has answered the requirements of operators who have years of experience delivering hot and cold snacks to the workplace. Reliability is achieved with the Toyota Dyna chassis offering the highest engineering standards with easy access for servicing.

The Jiffy Bocado catering body is the first ever to have a through hot display (oven) allowing loading and serving from both sides. The first Jiffy to have hinged door access to the oven, allowing full trays of produce to be loaded without removing the glass doors. Stainless baskets will hold over 200 pasties, pies, savouries or pre-made soup in cups with gastronorms in the base to hold jacket potatoes, chillies, bacon etc. The hot air (80°c – 90°c) temperature controlled environment will keep your food in perfect condition, whilst the quilted stainless steel finish and display lighting present your food to its best advantage. The Jiffy Bocado has an electric fan blown element for pre-heating when plugged into the mains whilst loading.

The large ambient section is designed to present wrapped produce, pastries, Danish, crisps and fruit etc. The full length counter has gastronorms for your sauces & cutlery and provides adequate space for your customers to put their selections whilst waiting to pay.
A waste bin is located in the side skirt of the vehicle and a serviette, bag holder and money box is incorporated into the side wall. The LED lighting system and audio speaker further enhance your customer experience.

At the rear side of the vehicle is the chilled display. This area is designed for your customer to self serve from the vast array of food. The  baskets can hold approx 480 items – sandwich wedges, baguettes, salads, plated meals, desserts. The base of the chilled section has racks for bottles or cans and is chilled by an air blown evaporator fed by an engine driven compressor.

By owning a Jiffy Bocado you will share the success of this amazing selling machine and enjoy the support and experience of the country’s leading catering truck manufacture.

New for 2013 is the latest Bocado 2

Over the last year or so we have learned so much about enhancing your customers retail experience whilst buying from the van and the fact that they buy with their eyes. Across the range we have made small changes that have made big differences to our customers. Everything we have learn’t in this time has now been built into the new Bocado 2, it has all the features that its predecessor had plus the following changes.

We have kept the proven in-line one side serve layout whilst adding some new features

The exterior looks just as before, we have only made some subtle changes to the rubbish bin and hand wash which have been moved to make them more convenient for the operator, these are shown further down.

The fridge has seen the biggest change, gone are the split baskets, in are a more handy size that are still easy to handle yet hold more displayable stock. The floor has been raised and this enables your customers to view the drinks you have on sale with ease, drinks are now housed in a spring loaded system that all move forward as the front one is taken, keeping your stock fully front faced all the time. One of our customers saw a 100% increase in drink sales when they swapped to this new system. Lifting the floor has has made it much easier to clean it without struggling to reach in. The fridge system has  changed, the evaporator is now hidden behind the crisp section so your customers won’t even see it, they’ll just feel the cool breeze as they grab their food. The fridge is constructed out of industry standard Grp coated ply with 50mm of bonded insulation, not only does this look attractive with the built in LED lights but is easy to clean and will retain the cold. The fridge doors are double glazed to help hold the temperature whilst reducing condensation on the glass. The latest fridge system also has built in hot gas defrost, this sends  hot gas around the system at given intervals which defrosts the fins, this will now stop any freezing up of the evaporator on warm damp Summer days.

The ambient box has been made deeper allowing shelf size to increased yet they no longer protrude keeping you stock more secure. The shelf fronts are now clear so your customers can see exactly whats for sale on each shelf and we have incorporated some nice storage pots at the bottom for your spoons, sauces etc. As before the right hand wall still has the money box, napkin holder and bag holder.

The only change to the oven is the basket arrangement, like the fridge we have re-sized them so they display your stock better and are easier to handle. We still have the Eberspacher D4 heater and the electric pre heat plug in that can also be used for standby.

The hand-wash is now located on the serve-side and closes into sealed box keeping it clean from any traffic film

The waste bin has moved up the truck so the operator can use it whilst working from the oven and a new filler flap to totally hide the fuel cap.

The view from the storage side, fridge storage doors are now in white GRP making them nice and light and the inside of the fridge look much more attractive from the serving side.

This is the fridge from the storage side with the doors removed, you can see how the evaporator is nicely out of sight from the customers on the other side. There is aplenty of storage space and the whole fridge is easy to clean with the doors removed

Full access to the oven can still be gained from the storage side for ease of loading and keeping orders separate.

The latest in cab controls allows the fridge and heater to be turned on and off at the touch of one button, this unit also allows the temperature of the oven to be increased or decreased as you require. Toyota now supply the Dyna with a TomTom sat nav as standard which also incorporates Blue tooth allowing hands free phone connection.