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Pictured above is Sandwich Express – version 1, as you can see fuel costs would have been a lot lower in those days, but this set the momentum for the next 100 years

The Drury Family have run the same business since 1920 – starting in a small Welsh village in North Wales called Eryrys, John Drury (above left) installed an oven into the back of his shop and started baking bread to deliver to the local community. Then in 1949 Caradoc Drury (above right) moved to Bebington on the Wirral and opened a bakery with a few local shops. The Business moved to Ellesmere Port in 1966 by which time Spencer & Des Drury had joined the business and grew it to 8 shops and a wholesale business – the company was renamed from ‘Drury’s Bakery’ to ‘Patisserie Anglaise’, a name that was inherited from another small bakery that was taken over locally.

1994 saw the start of Sandwich Express an idea to try to combat the ever-growing supermarkets that had been putting high street bakers out of business due to the change in peoples shopping habits – how funny the internet is doing the same to these supermarkets today.

Catering Trucks
Pictured above ‘The Sooty Van’ (If you’re old enough to know who Sooty is you’ll understand)

With a fleet of six vans the business gained a lot of traction and over the next ten years began to take over the bakery business.

From 1994 to 2008 Sandwich Express only used vehicles like the one above and later some models with refrigeration, Martin Drury (Spencer’s Son) was always saying we need to look at these Jiffy Trucks, another company in the area had a few and were attracting too many Sandwich Express customers. So, in 2008 Sandwich Express bought their first Jiffy Truck – a one year old SALSA pictured below.

Catering Trucks
Picture features Julia Cameron who never got that modelling contract and has been working at Sandwich Express ever since.
Catering Trucks
Picture features Nikki Albon who thought about a job at a local drive through car wash but instead took the job of Van Manager and has been with the company for nearly 20 years

On day one the take from the round was doubled – that’s the power of being able to sell from a purpose-built vehicle that offers the customer so much more choice.

A second Jiffy Truck was purchased to replace one of the fridge vans, this was a Jiffy Fresco.

To this day, the company is run by Spencer and Martin Drury, they run a substantial fleet of Panino Jiffy Trucks and are committed to growing the business. The main kitchen is currently the same building that they moved into in 1967, they have a separate depot to store the vans (see pictures), and have also opened a depot in Warrington from where all current expansion is taking place. Martin Drury currently writes a blog (link below) and is always happy to answer questions when he can about the sandwich delivery business.

Catering Trucks
Ellesmere Port Depot (Inside & Out)
Catering Trucks
In the space of 100 years,

Elliott’s Upper Crust Catering Services

Elliott’s Upper Crust Catering Services Ltd, is a family run business founded in 1991 by Peter and Deana Elliott. The concept of mobile sandwich delivery was very scarce at the time and the husband and wife team built the business from the ground up, starting from the kitchen in their own home to now staffing a modern production facility with a 5* food hygiene rating and a strong team of staff.

The company has grown into one of the largest workplace food delivery operations in the UK, running 21 Jiffy Trucks that serve fresh, hot and cold food to businesses throughout Essex, Kent and the outskirts of London. The food remains handmade on-site each day, just as it always has been.

“Our 18 year partnership with Jiffy Trucks has been nothing but influential in the continued success of our business, the team are always ready to adapt to the needs of our Sales Drivers and customers, ensuring we are always able to give them what they need. After-sales care and support is second to none; you know you’re in safe hands” – Amy Elliott.

Catering Trucks
Catering Trucks

Mr Dave Taylor of York

On The Road to Bigger and Better Business

Business has grown beyond all the wildest dreams of Dave Taylor of Martinhouse Butchers in Strensall, thanks to extending into mobile food delivery with Jiffy Trucks. Despite today’s competitive trading conditions, Martinhouse have developed a proven formula which is delivering success every day.

24 years ago when Mr Taylor, a qualified butcher, set up his first butchers shop – full of ambition to sell his high quality meats, he had no idea that he would eventually be delivering greater sales and profits through mobile catering and his highly prized Jiffy Trucks.

Mr Taylor decide to try mobile deliveries with his range of sandwiches, fresh baked pies and snacks whilst considering how he could develop business through his already successful shops. He saw an opportunity to take food to places where there were no shops within easy reach for workers to get their lunch and break snacks.

Starting with construction sites and selling off trays from the back of a delivery van, Mr Taylor’s success quickly enabled him to purchase a new Jiffy Truck. Jiffy Trucks are specially designed catering vehicles, which are developed to cater for the unique requirements of hot and cold mobile catering – storage, display, hygiene, temperature control, safety and security. Over 35 years experience have enabled Jiffy to streamline the designs and incorporate many practical and technical features on the Trucks; which has led to them being recognised as industry leaders.

For Mr Taylor, a real business benefit was being able to bring hot pies and soups on days when the weather was cold as well as chilled drinks, sandwiches, cakes and treats. The potential of operating Jiffy Trucks soon became evident through the increased profits he was taking each day. “The incremental turnover made a real difference to my business” says Mr Taylor.

Dave comments “the beauty of the Jiffy Truck is the versatility it brings to build your round by taking advantage of changes in the local area. If a new business park opens, you can respond immediately and be there on site selling food. As sometimes happens, sites and offices close or relocate, taking your customers with them but again the real commercial benefit of the Jiffy Truck is that because you’re mobile – you simply go and find customers somewhere else – with fixed premises this is so much harder.”

After 15 years of success mobile selling, Mr Taylor operates 2 Jiffy Trucks and has ambitions for more. They can be used for special events as well as normal office hour trading and if you’re prepared to put in the work can deliver great rewards.

The secret is having great quality products – his customers love the fresh sandwiches and pies which are made on site each day and is famous for the Martinhouse Flapjack – which is unique recipe known only to a few! (600 pieces are sold each week!). Cleanliness and good presentation are paramount – as is having a great range of products that keep customers interested.

Why have Jiffy made such a difference? The team that hand build Jiffy Trucks in Shipley are passionate about the success of their customers businesses. “They’re spot on” says Mr Taylor. If I’ve ever had a problem, nothing has been too much trouble for them to sort it out. Customer care is something that’s so important when you rely on a vehicle to do business. I have absolute 100% confidence in Jiffy being there if I need them and their ability to keep me on the road.”

Mr Taylor is still full of ambition to change and grow his business and is firm that Jiffy Trucks are part of his future. With 60% of his turnover now coming from his Jiffy Trucks and he believes that’s possible to build this even further – and is keen for other businesses to see the growth potential with Jiffy.

Catering Trucks

Steve Edward – Victoria’s (Midlands)

Victoria’s is a classic demonstration of how a husband and wife team have developed a successful business over years of hard work and dedication – starting with their first Jiffy Truck in 1996.

Steve Edwards and his wife, Victoria, started as a mobile catering business after recognising an opportunity in the catering market locally. Always aspiring to work for himself, Steve began the business with a Bedford Rascal which enabled them to get started, and soon the decision was made to invest in a new, bigger Jiffy Truck, which offered enhanced operating facilities and also presented a better company image. Being made of stainless steel, it is easier to clean and present the best possible hygiene standards.

Jiffy Trucks have a strong track record for innovation and product development and Steve found that the Jiffy team were always looking for feedback on how his Truck was performing for him, keen to understand what added features would bring extra benefits to him in his daily operation. Over recent years, working closely with customers like Steve has led to the development of improved display features, hand-wash facilities, cash management systems and security to name just a few.

Having traded for 12 years and developed a successful working model, Steve and Victoria have converted their kitchen to professional standards and recently celebrated their third successive Five Star Award from the Department for Environmental Health for their excellent food preparation standards, storage and Jiffy Truck hygiene maintenance.

Having at one point successfully operated 5 vehicles, Victoria’s now run Toyota Bocado Jiffy Truck, and have a profitable, sustainable business – one which they’re very happy with. Steve is still very hands on and had just finished changing a wheel. He and his wife really enjoy the lifestyle – even though at times it’s hard work with very early mornings. “It’s full-on, all the time” says Steve, “but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I couldn’t do better than the Jiffy Truck I have, because it’s reliable, and does the job better than the rest because it’s so well thought out for the operator.

Steve is very clear that speed and efficiency are key to successfully operating a Jiffy Truck, as well as a friendly personable approach, so much so that he has successfully developed his rounds over the years purely through word of mouth.

The future looks healthy for Victoria’s, with everything operating like a well oiled machine – Steve is philosophical about the current economic climate, “people always need to eat, so if the product range is right, as well as the price, we’re bringing convenience and quality food to a local workforce who are loyal customers because of the friendly delivery service we give, in locations where often there are no other catering facilities available.

Jiffy Trucks have enabled us to build up a really enjoyable business and are unsurpassable in the high level of customer service and support they deliver.

Jiffy Trucks have been the start of many very successful businesses; let us help you to make your dream a reality.