Citroen stopped manufacturing this model in April 2016, so this is unfortunately no longer available as a new option, the Vauxhall Vivaro Bistro is a perfect replacement.

The curvy Jiffy Estilo is the latest and most innovative addition to the Jiffy Trucks range of mobile retail catering vehicles. The newly launched model has created quite a stir in the mobile retail sector.

The Estilo has our traditional in line, one side serve layout, which is vital for stock control, up selling and full interaction with you customers. Designed to increase the scope of mobile trading, the Estilo lends itself to buffet catering as well as the traditional mobile rounds which are so popular with Jiffy Truck owners. The practical re-design of interior space allows for bakers trays to be stacked safely for transit and be removed easily at the destination. This feature is a genuine innovation for a vehicle of its kind and has attracted significant attention from many organisations keen to be at the forefront of mobile food retailing.

The use of retail space has been further maximised by a horizontal ambient area and an innovative new fridge design with a highly effective air curtain. The overall impact of product display and the increased access to merchandise for customers, make this new layout a real winner for more rapid cash transactions while creating a real wow factor for businesses seeking the best shop front possible for their products. The fridge is now complete with “HOT GAS” defrost which send warm gas around the system at given periods stopping the fins freezing up on warm damp days. As you can see above the fridge is protected with a thermal blinds when traveling but once in the up position your customers have full undisturbed access to the stock allowing more impulse sales.

At the Front of the vehicle is the chilled display. This area is designed for your customers to self serve from the vast array of food. The 11 large baskets (1050 x 350) can hold approx 340 items – sandwich wedges, baguettes, salads, plated meals and desserts.The base of the chilled section has racks for bottles or cans which is sprung loaded and so keeps your drinks fully front faced, these are chilled by the air blown evaporator powered by an engine driven compressor. The large vertical section with clear fronted shelves is designed to present wrapped produce, pastries, Danish, chocolate and fruit etc. We have also provided a horizontal section for crisp display. You will find a small vertical storage section of pots for sauces and cutlery etc, and a counter that has ample space for your customers to place their goods whilst paying. A waste bin has also been incorporated into the side panel where the operator stands.

The hot display (oven) will keep your pies, pasties, soups, chilies, jacket potatoes etc at the correct temperature (80°c-90°c) throughout the trading period. The full fresh hot air system will keep your produce in peak condition maintaining the standards your customers demand. The stainless steel oven with the latest sealed unit double glazed windows has  stainless steel racks capable of holding approximately 180 pasties or equivalent items.

Additionally there are gastronorms to hold sauces, bacon, sausages, soups etc. Housed within the wall of the catering body and immediately to hand are holders for bags, serviettes and even a discrete locked money box.

The Jiffy Estilo body has been re-designed to follow the cab-line making it stylishly curvy, whilst retaining the quilted 304 grade stainless steel panelling which has become synonymous with Jiffy Trucks quality

The Estilo on the storage side complete with GRP doors for thermal efficiency and weight saving, also showing hand wash unit and ambient storage

On the storage side we have refrigerated storage incorporating a chilled buffet carrying facility that holds industry standard bakery trays at 765 x 445 x 90, making this vehicle a very functional option. Business lunch and buffet delivery is growing enormously in the industry and you can now drop the platters off whilst you’re on the round. The facility is also ideal for delivering out of hour’s event catering. The rest of the storage is made up of ambient shelving system and a hand wash system.

The Citroen Dispatch has a very comfortable and modern “car like” interior with the benefit of 3 adult seats.

The ‘simple to use’ one touch control system is housed within the cab of the vehicle giving two clear readouts displaying both oven and chilled display temperatures.
The Jiffy Estilo is born of a long and distinguished line of Jiffy trucks stretching back 40 years. All the experience we have gained both from our loyal customers and our advanced manufacturing techniques is embodied in this vehicle. The catering body is constructed from stainless steel and other food safe and non-corroding materials. The vast majority of components are designed to be recycled at the end of a long working life.

The Jiffy Truck with its quilted stainless steel body and quirky appearance has over the years become synonymous with quality food delivered to the workplace. By owning a Jiffy Estilo you will share the success of this amazing selling machine and enjoy the support and experience of the country’s leading catering truck manufacturer.