Catering Trucks

We have being working closely with Eberspacher looking at extended warranty’s for both the heater and fridge systems they supply. We now have a scheme in place that is right for you (The customer) Neither Eberspacher or Jiffy will profit from this scheme as it is designed around customer service, not profit.

This package is not available through any other vehicle manufacturer

 Eberspacher UK now offer you the chance to take up an extended warranty package over 3, 4, or 5 years (only available on new vehicles) The scheme covers a service every 12 months whilst its in force and any breakdowns in between (Parts and labour)

 To find your local dealer who would undertake the service and repair of these items click here.

Here at Jiffy we think this is a fantastic scheme, you can budget for repairs/services and need never have another “nasty surprise” bill again.

For further details please call us,  your salesperson will explain the scheme whilst you order your vehicle, this scheme is not administered by us, and we don’t make a penny from it, knowing you’ll get the service you deserve is reward enough for us.