Our customers always seem to be surprised with our premises when they pay us a visit, so we thought we’d create a page where you can have a little look around.

The factory gate looking at the main building, we moved here in 1990 and purchased the main building that you can see, after around 5 years we then purchased the building to the left and opened the whole site up.

The reception Area in building 1

Reception again, take a seat whilst we track him down!

Customer waiting room where you can sit and watch television whilst we service your vehicle.

Our main meeting/Board room in building 2

Main offices in building 1

Customer services office in Building 1

Drawing office in building 2

Workshop in building 1

Workshop in building 2

A Jiffy Estilo in build

Manufactured entirely from stainless steel

This is where the fridge and heater installation takes place

Another truck getting cleaned at the valet bay

Jiffy’s works canteen

A selection of finished trucks on their way to a new owner.