Catering Trucks
The Jiffy Concept

The UK fast food industry is a growing market and is served by three different methods of provision and delivery.

  • The Café/sandwich shop premises with its attendant overheads and limited catchment area.
  • The roadside static trailer waiting for passing customers.
  • The Jiffy truck taking the food directly to the customer, purposely designed to call on many sites in one day.

A successful Jiffy round may visit twenty different sites each trading day, ranging from industrial estates to commercial parks, from office complexes to building sites. As areas grow and evolve a Jiffy operator can respond and follow the hungry customers. A Jiffy truck is unique in that the operator stands with the customer on the outside of the vehicle, simply pull up, open the hatch door and your ready to trade. With a trading window between 7:30 and 13:30 all your food is pre prepared and ready to sell, speed is the key to a profitable round.

Our Trucks are also able to service outside events and shows, brining in extra revenue at the weekends should you wish.

The Jiffy Truck

All Jiffy trucks can carry sufficient stock for a busy days trading, having an illuminated chilled display cabinet to sell sandwiches, drinks and confections. The central section of the catering truck has an ambient display for crisps, fruit bread rolls, cakes, pastries etc.

Customers normally serve themselves from these displays whilst the operator serves from hot food display. Hot food brought to the customer is the way to maximise profit, the hot display can hold a vast range of tempting pies, pasties, rolls, sandwiches and specials. There are gastronomes to hold chillies, baked potatoes, bacon, soup the choice is yours.

The side serving doors open to give protection from the weather whilst the non serving side of the truck holds back-up stock and the utilities.

Our trucks are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel that will give many years of service, all the components we fit i.e. the fridge and heating systems, are covered by a national service network giving you piece of mind. We also have a fleet of our own trucks on standby in case you have an accident, we have built our business up over the last 35 years on manufacturing a quality truck and giving an unrivalled after sales service. At Jiffy, you can rest assured your in safe hands.

All new Jiffy Trucks are fully accredited by the British Sandwich Association.

Jiffy the Company

Jiffy Trucks was a family owned business for well over 40 years, it started in the early 70’s as “Pioneer Catering” then changing its name to “Jiffy Trucks” in 1974 and has grown steadily ever since, we have a small staff turnover and many of the employees have over 25 years length of service with our Company. In 2016 the original owner made it possible for the staff to run the company by selling a controlling interest to an employee ownership trust which was set up. The company is now owned and operated by its staff, although the original owner still shows much interest, and has a sizeable shareholding.

Jiffy are the market leaders in the manufacture of catering trucks in the UK and have over 40 years experience selling to hundreds of successful operators. Our customers range from the one man operator who works from home, to some the country’s largest and most famous snack food manufacturers. We do not franchise or have any involvement with the food. Jiffy truck owners are free to operate wherever they like, and stock and sell what their customers needs require.

We are based in Bradford West Yorkshire where our catering trucks are manufactured, you are welcome to visit us anytime through the week, and weekends by appointment. Jiffy also has representatives travelling the country so if you would like a demonstration please call.

Hopefully you now have a little understanding about us and the whole concept, if you have any questions though please feel free to call us and speak to one of our experienced advisers.