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The Jiffy Gourmet became the truck of choice for the food 2 go market in the UK, It answered all the requirements of operators who had years of experience delivering hot and cold snacks to the workplace. Sadly we were told that Nissan will stop producing the Cabstar in early 2019, so we’ve had to find a replacement. Enter the Jiffy Banquet. The body is exactly the same as the Gourmet was, but this time it’s sat on the new Euro 6 Isuzu Grafter.

The new Jiffy Banquet is a direct replacement for our ever popular “Gourmet”. The Banquet will become the truck of choice for all the major players in the food 2 go market in the UK. It answers all the requirements of operators who have years of experience delivering hot and cold snacks to the workplace.

The Jiffy Banquet has everything the modern operator needs, with enough stock capacity to cope with any size of round. The Banquet is built on the latest Euro 6 Isuzu Grafter SWB N35.125 Chassis, it has a 1.9 litre diesel engine giving 125PS, a 6 speed gearbox and a gross weight of 3500kg so can be driven by anyone with a regular car licence. Isuzu have achieved Euro 6 without the need for add-blue, this combined with a 1.9 125ps engine you will see savings all around as the fuel economy will be far superior.

Isuzu Trucks, are much more commercially focused than other manufacturers we deal with. Most of the dealers or service centres will have night shifts, so repairs and servicing can be completed as you sleep.

The bumper and lights are recessed giving the Banquet a sleek look from the rear, these are all then protected by an underrun bar. Rear panel is ideal for placing your branding, as are the side lift up flaps.

Looking at the above picture on the left we have the fridge area within the 1st two divisions, crisp/snack baskets above the fridge. In the centre you’ll find the main ambient area, and to the right our heated section. Inside the layout will look familiar, we have kept the in line design which allows the customer to serve themselves from the chilled and ambient sections, whilst you serve them from and operate the heated area.

The above image on the right hand side shows the rear view of the Banquet displaying the serving side, our gas sprung canopy door doubles as a working canopy when opened, keeping both you, and your customers protected from the elements. With just one door to open, long serving counters and everything easily to hand, it’s no wonder our trucks are chosen by the Country’s leading retailers.

These two pictures show the 2 fridges to the left which are ideal for keeping produce such as sandwiches, wedges, baguettes, salads, plated meals, desserts etc, with 2 removable crisp baskets (700mm x 450mm) above. To the right is the main Ambient area which is designed to present wrapped produce such as pastries, Danish, muffins, chocolate and fruit etc. with incidental pots below. The ambient shelves are removable and have clear fronts to display smaller product lines perfectly. The whole area is illuminated with the latest led lighting and houses a speaker to keep your customers entertained whilst waiting to be served.

The fridge is constructed out of industry standard Grp coated ply with 50mm of bonded insulation, not only does this look attractive with the built in LED lights but is easy to clean and will retain the cold temperature. The fridge is accessed by blinds giving your customers the best possible access with no restriction when opened. The GAH fridge is standard on the Banquet, a proven fridge by a UK company, with a “man in a van” come to you service for service or repairs. The fridge evaporator is hidden in the roof behind the crisp section so your customers won’t even see it; they’ll just feel the cool breeze as they grab their food from one of the stainless steel baskets (11 @ 700mm x 580mm & 2 @ 700mm x 450mm)

The floor has been raised which enables your customers to view the drinks you have on sale with ease, drinks are now housed in a spring loaded system that all move forward as the front one is taken, keeping your stock fully front faced all the time. One of our customers saw a 100% increase in drink sales when they swapped to this new system. Lifting the floor has made it much easier to clean it without struggling to reach in.

In the above picture you’ll see the ambient to the left and the heated section to the right, the oven is accessed by the sliding glass, however, the Banquet also incorporates an opening main frame to enable the baskets to be easily loaded without the need to remove the glass doors. A glass separator panel in between the two areas, not only looks attractive, but stops any escaping heat gaining access to the ambient and chilled areas when the main door is closed. The long stainless counter has a selection of bain maries fitted for storage, whilst the panel to the right of the oven has slots for napkin’s, bags and a money box, all very useful additions and a great use of space.

Looking inside the oven with the main door open, we can see 4 baskets (700mm x 700mm) and one (700mm x 350mm) that will hold over 200 pasties, pies, savories or pre-made meals. Combine this with the gastronomes in the base that can hold jacket potatoes, chilies, bacon, sausages etc, and you can offer a vast selection to your customer. The Eberspacher hot air (65°c – 82°c temperature controlled) system will keep your food in perfect condition, it constantly pulls in fresh air so keeps the oven moist preventing the food drying out too quickly. Whilst the quilted stainless steel finish and display lighting will present your food at its very best. The Jiffy Banquet also has an electric oven that can be plugged in to a 240v supply back at base, the only model other than the Gourmet in our range to offer this facility.

On the storage side we have created an area behind the oven that will hold/stack four food trays (supplied) at a size of 600mm x 400mm, we have incorporated this feature by request from some of our customers, extremely handy for delivering to shops, buffet lunches etc. The fridge doors are now in white making them much lighter to handle than glass, but the main advantage is the inside of the fridge looks much brighter and cleaner from your customer’s perspective.

The auto on/off hand wash unit is located in the centre area for ease of access.

The buffet tray system has also been used in the fridge although not compulsory, and can of course be replaced with baskets. This will give you 4 trays of chilled produce (600mm x 400mm) as back up stock, buffet/shop delivery or for collection of items. This idea was requested by a group of customers who now find it very useful, with all the baskets removed the Banquet fridge can carry 16 of these trays if you need it to double as a refrigerated van outside of regular Jiffy round hours.

The Isuzu Grafter is a nice modern driving environment with three full size seats. Jiffy fit as standard our keyout system which allows the vehicle to be left running unattended. This truck comes with a Isuzu warranty of 3 years / unlimited miles, 18 Months warranty on heater (extended to 3 years if full service is completed at 18 months, service plan available). Fridge warranty is 12 months, but can be extended with a service plan.

On the dashboard you’ll find that as standard you’ll get a CD player with blue-tooth technology.

The latest control system from Jiffy/Eberspacher, just one touch and your heater is now running, and thermostatically controlled whilst also showing you the fridge temperature at a glance. This smart control in the event of a breakdown, will give you a fault code so the dealer knows which part they’ll need to affect a repair.



MODEL Banquet
Serve Side Drivers
Heated Area Baskets 11 @ 700 x 350mm
Number of Gastronorms In Oven  (Choice of sizes) 3 or 4 depending on choice
Chilled Area Baskets 12 @ 700mm x 580mm
Ambient Area Shelves 4 @ 510mm x 450mm
Crisp Shelf Area 2 @ 700mm x 450mm
Hinged Oven Access Door Yes
Double glazed doors (Oven + Fridge Storage Side) Yes
Thermal Blind Acess To Chilled Serving Area Yes
Built in Safe And Bag Box Yes
Atmospheric LED Lighting To All Serving Areas Yes
Door Up Warning System Yes
Piped Music To The Serving Areas Yes
Rubbish Bin Built In The Side Panel Yes
Oven Thermostaticaly Controlled By Eberspacher Yes
One Touch temperature control unit By Eberspacher Yes
Fridge Thermostaticaly Controlled By GAH Yes
Sprung Can Holders (Keeps Stock Front Faced) Yes
Buffet Tray Storage Chilled And Ambient Yes
Warm Water Handwash Yes
Rear Underun Protection Yes
Reverse Warning Bleeper Yes
Sign Writing/Livery Optional
Chassis Features Banquet
Vehicle chassis Isuzu Grafter
Engine Size 1.9 Diesel
Standard Colour White
Gross Weight 3500kg
Product Carrying Capacity 800kg
Overall Length 4751mm
Overall Width Inc Mirrors 2536mm
Max Height 2275mm
Central Locking Yes
Cd Player Yes
Keyout Facility fited by Jiffy Yes
Number of seats 3
Blue tooth Yes
Euro 6 without adblue Yes