Type Approval and Our Quality Standards

Jiffy Trucks have worked tirelessly over the years, to ensure that we are designing, and producing catering vehicles that will gain full type approved by the VCA . We can proudly say we were the first company in the UK to have letters of association from both Toyota and Citroen and were the first Company in our industry to be type approved on N1 category vehicles.

The road to type approval is a long one, first of all you need a conformity of production certificate from the VCA, to gain this you have to be a company of good standing with a recognised quality system in place. Jiffy has an ISO 9001 certification on our management systems, which is closely scrutinised every year by a UKAS accredited auditor. Maintaining this shows we have proven management systems that ensure our customers are being well cared for in every way and they will get exactly what they have ordered as well as the after sales care they deserve.

Once the COP is achieved you need letters of association from the 1st stage manufacturers, this shows the VCA that the chassis manufacturers are happy to work with the converter, and more importantly happy with the conversion they are doing on their vehicles.  Lots of converters who have been working on the same chassis’ for years have been turned down as the 1st stage manufacturers aren’t happy with their work, gaining this is no mean feat.

You then have to list every component that’s fitted, and prove with current certificates that all these are E-marked, type approved or EMC tested where applicable. Once all this is done, you can then apply to have the vehicles tested by the VCA who check the conversion from head to toe including all the axle weights and dimensions are correct.

The latest Jiffy range are now fully tested and type approved so you can be sure when buying a Jiffy Truck that it’ll be fully compliant with all the latest legislation, type approved and registered with the DVLA as a specialist vehicle

From April the 29th 2013 all specialist vehicles should be type tested and registered at the DVLA for what they are, if you turn up for an MOT with a food truck thats 3 years old and it comes up as a pick up what will happen? Will they test it? Will it be insured in the event of a major claim or loss, will you even be able to get it insured? It’s all new so we don’t know yet, what we do know is that our customers don’t need to worry, because unlike some companies who seem to think they are exempt, we have embraced the scheme and since 2013 we supply fully approved vehicles.

Major leasing companies will no longer be supplying vehicles to customers which are not type approved, because of our certification we are on the approved supplier list of these companies.

Jiffy Trucks Ltd Quality Policy

At Jiffy Trucks Ltd we are able enjoy a reputation throughout the industry for providing high quality levels of product, service and customer care. It is our desire not just to maintain those attributes but to continually improve them.

To this end we have made a commitment to a Quality Management System that fully reflects the applicable requirements of requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

The Company has recognised that a total commitment to Quality is fundamental to the achievement of our mission which is to strengthen still more our reputation as market leader within this market sector. Jiffy Trucks Ltd is fully committed to continually improve the performance of our Quality Management System Inherent in the Quality Policy is the timely and efficient satisfaction of both our customers’ requirements and those demanded by legislation and applicable regulatory bodies. This policy provides a framework that ensures quality objectives are formally documented, set and reviewed on a regular basis.

Management review is fundamental in achieving this and the results of audits and other performance metrics will be monitored to ensure that corrective mechanisms are functioning. The  management team is responsible for determining that adequate Quality measures are specified, monitoring their implementation and ensuring that corrective action is taken should ever the need arise.

The Directors and all members of staff share responsibility for the quality of product and services we deliver, to ensure conformance to customer’s specifications, established standards and contractual quality requirements.