Jiffy Trucks the Company

Jiffy Trucks is an employee owned company specialising in the manufacture of purpose designed catering vehicles. We have been building these distinctive trucks featuring the quilted stainless steel panels since 1974 at our factories in West Yorkshire.

As the UK’s leading manufacture of mobile delivery vehicles for hot & cold food, Jiffy are committed to continuous improvement, product development and customer satisfaction in catering trucks.

The company is built on years of steady growth, working with our customers, employees, and suppliers to provide a safe and secure future for all involved. We are based in Bradford (West Yorkshire) where we sell our products directly to our customers; we welcome visitors to our factory.

The current owners of Jiffy Trucks Ltd
Catering Trucks
Malcolm Grainge the founder of Jiffy Trucks, who is still a major shareholder today.

Jiffy and Jiffy Trucks are both registered trademarks.

Jiffy Trucks Company Culture

Jiffy Trucks aspire to give our customers the best possible service and support, to give the highest value in our product and always to seek to improve. We are committed to being the best employer in the area by investing in our staff, product and premises. We believe that it is possible to operate the company efficiently whilst being friendly and respectful toward our customers, suppliers and each other. As the company grows we are mindful of our impact on the area and the environment, we endeavour to make this a positive process. The name of Jiffy Trucks has become the generic term for fast food delivery vehicle we are proud to continue to lead the industry in this sector.

The Jiffy Truck Customer

Our customers range from new starters who need a cost effective way of building a business to deliver hot and cold food, through to well established, catering and bakery organisations, some of which are major high street brands. We have customers with one Jiffy truck and customers that operate from numerous production units with over thirty trucks. The demand for prepared hot and cold food in the UK continues to grow and is matched by the requirement for high quality produce, combined with an efficient delivery service. Jiffy Trucks are welcomed in all areas, industrial estates, commercial parks, schools, airports, HM Forces camps, events, meals on wheels, in fact anywhere with hungry people – the opportunities are almost endless.

Jiffy Trucks and your business

Most people aspire to ‘be their own boss’ and with a Jiffy catering truck you can realise your dream. Jiffy new-start customers have a success rate far higher than the national average for new business starters. Jiffy have helped launch thousands of new businesses over the years.

Buying a Jiffy truck gives you absolute control of your business. Unlike a franchise you have complete freedom of product, operating area and pricing and you retain all the profit. Your start-up funds go directly into your business and once you have paid for your Jiffy truck you retain the equity in the vehicle. With a franchise you would need to sign up for a second term to continue benefiting from the business you have established. Being in control of your own business allows you to expand to new customers and respond to their needs, you are not locked into a post code area.

Our History

The founder of Jiffy Trucks started preparing sandwiches in his kitchen and selling them on a local industrial site from the back of a Ford van back in 1973. Within a year he had acquired a sandwich shop on Elland Road, Leeds and had two vans working rounds in the area. By 1977 Jiffy was operating from a factory unit in Shipley selling the food trucks complete with an established round. However the standard production van was unsuitable for transporting and selling food and the first Jiffy truck with the now famous stainless steel quilting was designed and patented in 1978. Jiffy Trucks have relocated three times, still operating in Shipley, in a large modern facility, supplying trucks throughout the UK. Our trucks and the name Jiffy Trucks, are recognised nationwide as the only credible vehicle for the sale of fast food on the move. The original owner Mr Grainge, retired from the Business in 1997 but retained ownership and continued as Managing Director. In 2016 the business was transferred into employee ownership, when an employee ownership trust was set up and purchased a controlling interest in the company. Jiffy is now owned and operated by its employees.